Top 5+ Best Builder Hall 7 Bases | Anti Dropship, Night Witches, Baby Dragons

builder hall 7 base anti boxer giants night witches

Here’s the thing:

Before we begin best builder hall 7 base anti dropships, night witches, baby dragons. first of all, we want to confirm you that every layout design can be three starred by a good attacker. All we do is an effort to defend against many of the attacks by taking best practices into consideration while designing the base. without further ado, let’s dig into the epic level 7 builder hall layouts.

Best Builder Hall 7 Base Designs





best level 7 builder hall layout

best level 7 builder hall layout

Epic BH7 Layout Designs

builder hall 7 base anti boxer giants night witches

builder hall 7 base anti boxer giants night witches

Attacks this village withstood in testing: Anti night witches, Boxer Giants, Giant Cannons, Bombers, Baby dragons, Minions, Archers and Barbarians.

the first two bases in our blog post are designed by classical clash youtube channel. The crushers are placed well inside the compartment which makes it hard to lure out with archers. If you try to attack from the top, you can look at the concentration of defence buildings and also adding to that the troops get scattered to the sideways due to the buildings that are available before reaching the main compartment. This base design has well placed storage’s two on top and two on the bottom which increases the attack time that in turn helps defense buildings to take down the troops.

Giant Cannon: The beauty of giant cannon is that it can defend battle machine very well. make sure you place giant cannon and crushers close to the centre of the layout. The combined action of giant cannon and crusher will take down the battle machine very soon.


top bh7 layout

top bh7 layout

Attacks these design can withstand: Night Witches, Minions, Baby Dragons, Archers, Bombers, Barbs.

the above base is designed by clash of clans jaso

Level 7 Builder Hall Trophy Bases

An important thing to be noted in the layout design is to make sure it is designed exactly as mentioned in the above picture in the top left corner.the main thing about this base is the placement of giant cannon right in the centre of the base protecting the builder hall.

well thought out base design that has well-placed traps in the second compartment and all the major defense buildings are placed in the first compartment.

Much Awaited updated from the clash of clans. Supercell has been on roll releasing new updated one after the other and this time they have released builder hall 7.

check out the live stream of players attacking using new troops. directly skip to 15:00 minutes.

So, What are the interesting things to look for in builder hall 7 update?

first things to look at are the new additions to the level 7 bh

All Defenses will now go to level 7 (spring trap excluded)

  1. Troops -Level 14
  2. Battle machine – level 20
  3. Barracks new troop: Dropship
  4. New defense: Giant Cannon

And one more extra of all these will be added

  • firecrackers
  • cannon
  • guard post
  • hidden tesla
  • 4 wall pieces
  • army camp
  • mine
  • spring trap
  • push trap

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Shravan baskarla is clash of clans player who likes to design various town hall bases. He is an aspiring entreprenuer and music addict. you can find out more about him on facebook.

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