25+ Best Builder Hall 6 Base ** Links ** | Anti 1 Stars | 4000+

best builder hall level 6 base design
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builder hall 06 base link anti everything

builder hall 06 base link anti everything

Best BH06 Base Link Anti Everything 2021

Second in the list is another great best builder hall  6 defence base anti 1 star design. This is one of base that has great placement of push traps.

This design is best builder hall 6 defence base. This builder hall 6 defence base has different construction. The walls are constructed in a way to defence the opponent troops. This layout design has a great placement of spring traps and walls are very placed in position to support the base in providing defence against enemy army.

builder hall 6 base can provide defence against:

1.Anti baby dragons.

2. Anti Bombers and Barbarians(defence).

This is one more best defence base for builder hall 6 addition to the list. As you can already see that this defence base for level 6 builder hall has some different kind of construction y placing the crusher on two opposites and inviting the enemy army to only go through them.

builder hall 06 base design anti air link

builder hall 06 base design anti air link

bh06 layout link anti 3 stars

bh06 layout link anti 3 stars

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top builder hall 06 link

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top builder hall 06 link

Clash of Clans BH06 Base Layout

This best defence base for builder hall 6 withstands attacks against:

  1. Anti baby dragons
  2. Anti Minions
  3. Anti night witches, boxer giants and barbarians.


Overall this makes an best defence base for builder hall 6 that is good at defending air troops very effectively.

This builder hall 6 layout can defend against:

  • Boxer giants
  • Bombers and barbarians
  • Baby dragons, Minions and Night witches.
best level bh06 base design link

best level bh06 base design link

best bh06 base link

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best bh06 base link

clash of clans anti 3 stars design bh06

clash of clans anti 3 stars design bh06

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 06 Layout

This is the great defense against night witch which can defend both the ground and air attacks.

Roaster clash of clans new update

Roaster clash of clans new update

  • Range: 7 tiles
  • Burst Fire: 15 shots
  •  16 damage per shot at level 6.
  • Hits ground and air units
  • Does Area Splash type damage

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builder hall 6 layouts

Defensive buildings that are available at level 6 builder hall

  • Archer Tower – 1
  • Crusher – 1
  • Mine – 1
  • Mega Mine – 1
  • Wall Sections – 4
clash of clans bh06

clash of clans bh06

clash of clans bh06 layout link

clash of clans bh06 layout link

Best Builder Hall 06 Base Links

Supercell has introduced one more crusher to defend mainly against giants and barbarians. Moreover, you can upgrade all defenses, walls, and traps to level 6 with builder hall level 6 except spring tap which can be upgraded to level 4 at max at BH6.

Offensive Structures at COC builder Hall 6

BH6 Bases

One can upgrade to level 11-12 with laboratory level 6, Levels 6 – 10 for the Battle Machine


  1. you can upgrade Resource collectors (gold and elixir), gold and elixir storage’s, Gem Mine, and Clock Tower with best BH6 builder hall level 6.
clash of clans bh06 trophy base layout

clash of clans bh06 trophy base layout

coc bh06 base link

coc bh06 base link

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(Best BH6 Layout) Where did you get 5 spring traps from? There are only 3.


    corrected and updated with the best new builder hall 6 base designs .


      “ignore extra army camp” and then you don’t specify which one is to be ignored, therefore not specifying the layout.


        Fixed that issue. I have redesigned the builder hall 6 with the testing base in village edit mode.

Bapi mahakud

Nice… Thanks you.. These are the best base… But one thing i want to suggest you that… The traps are not in right place…. Please give attention to it…..


    Thanks for the feedback. I will look into it.

Yoyo bubu

Bro ….u need to post some more bh6 base layouts


    I updated it Recently with new level 6 builder hall layouts. please check it out.


Superb Base. Ty. Nice. Game. We Loved. *****. Total 5 Star


    glad you liked them.


Hi.I liked it base layouts but I need anti-everything base.so can u try to upload.i tried that anti 2 star 1st bh 6 base.it didn’t work properly.can u send me more anti barch bases please to my Gmail account.ok.


I tried the second base shown on this page and the results were marvellous. The maximum that an enemy can get now is a 1 star. Nothing more. I am very glad of your help. Thank you

jigme sangay



Nice base


I like game 👍👍👍👌

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