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top builder hall 5 base
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3000+ Cups. Only Latest and Best Builder Hall 5 Base Design Anti 1 Star Base Layouts. These layouts can defend against bombers, Boxer Giants and Night Witches specially designed for you. These bh5 base villages are designed by taking into consideration of the type of attacks every players faces. So, without any delay lets jump into good builder hall 5 ring base designs here. bh4 base designs  bh6 base designs 

builder base update level 8      coc level 9 builder base

best builder hall 5 base link anti 1 star 2023

best builder hall 5 base anti 1 star link

best builder hall 5 base anti 1 star link

so definitely attacker should use bomber or else archers to break inside the walls. Spring traps are placed on the side where crusher is set. One more interesting thing about this level 5 layout is the placement of archers towers in separate compartment protecting the core as well as the entire village.

clash of clans level 5 trophy base link

clash of clans level 5 trophy base link

Builder Hall 5 Base Link Defense

The positive side of this anti 2 star bh5 base link are central core compartment having main defensive building protect by stray buildings in outside compartment. Fire crackers, crusher and archer towers are very well placed in this village which makes harder for attackers to get 2nd star.

Attacks these layout link can with stand are

  1. Anti Giant.
  2. Barbarians and Archers
  3. baby dragons and Minions.
top latest builder hall 5 base design link

top latest builder hall 5 base design link

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 5 Layout Map Copy Link

Double cannon’s are placed to support the crusher ad if we look at the placement of bombs, pair of two of them on both sides of the builder hall acting as defense. Mega mine is placed to protect multi mortar.

builder hall 5 base design layout link

builder hall 5 base design layout link

This above base design has crusher right in the center of the bh5 anti 1 star layout making it hard to reach for builder hall. And on either sides of the crushers there are push traps which pushes all troops right under the crusher. This base design is widely used at builder hall 5.

COC BH5 Trophy Base Link

This layout design anti 1 star  which is shown above is mainly designed to protect the town hall which is in the center of the village with multi mortar just next to it. The archer tower is used very well covering two entire sides while sitting on both the sides of the builder base. The push traps are pointing towards the crushers which pushes the troops while attacking creating a good destruction towards opponent troops.

The above layout is one the ring base design out of all having unique construction . The best thing about the anti 1 star base is multi mortar and town hall is placed right in the core of the compartment.

Best Builder Hall 05 Base Links

Attacks these best level 5 base can with stand

  • Anti Giants.
  • Anti baby dragons.

The above clash of clans base is an inviting layout which attracts opponents to attack from the top side. but if they do that you already know whats gonna happen according to the arrangement attackers troops falls into traps and you will win the battles.

builder hall 5 base defense


This layout is looks confusing to the attacker while attacking. Important things about this villages is the placement of push traps that pushes the attackers troops right under the crushers taking away half of the troops.

These village can withstand anti:

  • Giants
  • Archers
  • Barbarians
  • Air Troops (Baby dragons and Minions).

clash of clans top bh5 base

The above mentioned layout is one of those unique defence base designs which makes troops to go all around the base. The arrangement of traps, bombs and spring traps are excellent. As you can see the main defensive buildings multi mortar and crusher is placed right in the center.

bh5 attacks this can defend

  1. Anti Giants
  2. Anti Barbarians and Archers

top builder hall 5 base

keep remaining buildings at the corner of the village for the above base design.

builder hall 5 base design layout

bh5 base layout designs anti 1 star

builder hall 5 base anti 2 star

If we look at this builder hall 5 base design anti 2 layout this base has at its features to protect the town hall. The air crackers are in different compartments, if you want to you can switch air crackers and archer towers places accordingly to cover up the entire layout from air and ground attacks.

COC BH05 Base Layout 2023

Best BH05 Base Links Anti Everything

The above is pretty much similar to the wave that had happened with the internet bases with town hall 7, town hall 8, and town hall 9. The main thing about this anti 1 star base is the concentration of the defensive structures as the way you go up to the builder hall. the base might seems a little bit easier if the attacker can attack from the left side by blowing up that walls with the wall breakers.

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 05 Base Anti 2 Stars

clash of clans Best Builder hall 5 base designs. In this article, we have come up with the latest updated base designs. The first section of bases have all defensive structures and buildings. This is the most awaited update from the clash of clans. The new defensive structures available at builder hall 5 are the battle machine, multi mortar, and one more double canon . some of the bases are taken from friends.

Please Share the Base Layouts with your Friends.


raj arya

It’s too good keep on making these fantastic bases


    Yeah, I have updated it recently. check it out.


best builder hall 5 base .


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Thanks for the bases bros!


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Good bases.keep up the good work


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nice base that i had ever seen thanks


    excellent. I will be adding new bases often. Bookmark our website.


Best Bases First Three Bases are awesome.


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Nice & Awesome


Yo the bh base that I chose from here has never let me loose cuz it’s so f***ing good thanks a lot

    jay w

    which one did u choose?


    that’s sounds great.


I am pushing my trophy to 3000 now i have 2500.which is the best layout.


Wich one is the best?




plz give me a base with no mortars


Super bases

Sujal stha

Plz make more builder base which is the best ……I don’t see such types of base so I hope I will get the best base ….in future…!!!!


which base did you choose?


    Clash of clans Base


Awesome bases…. Thanxxx guyzzz….

Eduardo Godden

Best bases!!! Don’t stop making them!


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Nice,what level is your clan?


    level 7 clan


Which 1is best ??


    go with the first base.


Which are the best bases?


nice keep making these bases

Vishal Daund

Coolest base I have ever seen keep going make more and more bases


Your bases are seriously the best. I’m able to reach
3000 trophies easily. Nice job , MAN!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃👍👍👍👍👍👍👈👈


which one is the best?please help m out my coc brothers!!!!


The “exceptional builder hall 5 base” doesn’t have mortar. Not so “exceptional” ^^
But most of those bases are really good anyway, thanks!


    thanks for the comment pal. I have gone through the base you have mentioned and removed it. will add few more 🙂 .

طراحی سایت در کرج

amazing map thanks but number 2 have problem with giant and babar attack


Nice Strong Defensive Base bro keep updating us about more powerful bases..👌


    yeah next round up of builder hall 5 base designs update is coming up soon.


nice bases


Best bases i have ever seen.Thanks buddy.


Thanks for the bases dude


Yaaar base are really good which one u prefer most (anti sneaker Archer and gaints)


awesome base layouts here


Guyzz you are too gud.osm base designs.Designs are so gud,I make me confuse whch 2 choose or whch 2 not.
U guyz help me a lot.
Gud work CocBa💎ses.Keep it up.🎃🎃


Osm work bro


On the base named “best builder hall 5 base anti 1 star” (the second one) I can’t find the third spring trap … Can you help me ? Thx a lot in advance.


    I missed that spring tap. please keep it between air bombs and gold storages.


Ty for the bases bro .
All the BH 5 bases shown are awesome.
I think you should work on bases that can resist sneaky archer ,because they are invisible to the defences for 7 seconds.
The bases you’ve created are anti giants and anti air troops ,so most of the them are using archers instead of other troops .
So I am waiting for your next update ,and Thank you again
Sometimes we cannot resist the attack from BH 6 players .
Ty again and


Hey dude thanks for the bases i need 1 more i have the top 2 which other one is best thanks


    try 4th base buddy.


Which base i should try ……….. Which is the best?????

اسپری تاخیری

Hey dude thanks for the bases i need 1 more i have the top 2 which other one is best thanks

بزرگ کننده آلت آقایان

Coolest base I have ever seen keep going make more and more bases.


The walls in the first pic don’t line up in the real game. Each wall consisting of 5 posts do not make a rectangle section as shown with the single cannons on each side of the base.

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