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excellent th10 farming base design
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All War Hybrid Farm Trophy
anti 3 stars war base level 10 link

anti 3 stars base level 10 link

town hall 10 design can withstand various attacks like

Golems, Valkyries, Bowlers, Witches and Lava Hounds with combination of balloons.

1. Giants 2. Valkyries 3. Barbarians and Archers.

th10 farming base 2 air sweepers link

th10 base 2 air sweepers link

Clash of Clans Town Hall 10 Base Links

coc th10 war base design with link

coc th10 base design with link

th10 farming base new update copy link

th10 base new update copy link

anti bowler design th10 link

anti bowler design th10 link

best th10 farming base with bomb tower and air sweeper

th10 base with bomb tower and air sweeper

clash of clans town hall 10 Base 2022

There are four outer compartments for this town hall 10 farming layout which are composed of gold and elixir storage’s with some defensive structures such as cannons, wizard towers, and archer towers. the compartment which is right next to the outer compartment is composed with air defenses to over the air troops such as balloons and dragons. the above coc th10 layout has great construction of walls along with evenly distributed defense buildings.

This a donut having double ring in the core of the layout. This level 10 layout has tesla’s surrounded around town hall and dark elixir . that makes this th10 dark elixir farming.

best level 10 war base design link

best level 10 base design link

clash of clans town hall 8 farming village links

clash of clans town hall 8 village links

Best Town Hall 10 Base With Links

Do remember that we have used only town hall 10 buildings. The first hybrid layout has the unique construction of all. the town hall 10 is placed in the center of the layout.

This fully compartmentalized th10 layout can be used for both wars and multi player battles. In wars this will be good at defending ground army very well.

well this makes an excellent town hall 10 with 2 bomb towers . the best thing about this layout is it can protect your loot very well. You can see four of the storage’s in the center of the village in paralleled compartments.

th10 war base anti everything link

th10 base anti everything link

coc th10 farming layout copy link

coc th10 layout copy link

th10 war base anti 3 star copy link

th10 base anti 3 star copy link

clash of clans th10 farming map link

clash of clans th10 map link

defends against

  1. Giants, Archers barbarians.
  2. Bowlers, Miners, Valkyries.
  3. Lava Hounds and Balloons.

This is an ring best th10 base in the world . It specializes in protecting trophies by taking advantage of the troops directions. So, when an attacker deploys their level 10 troops then they scatter every where across the make it easier to save trophies.

coc th10 war base with link

coc th10 base link

best town hall 10 farming base layout link

best town hall 10 base layout link

th10 war base anti everything 275 walls link

th10 base anti everything 275 walls link

What makes this clash of clans design an anti Valkyrie and golem layout ?

Basically, as already you have seen the construction of this map you can conclude that this design is really good for ground attacks. especially golem’s, bowlers and Valkyries, but make sure you max out your walls, because that plays a crucial role in defending ground attacks.

best th10 farming base copy link

best th10 base copy link

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what an excellent collection of bases. keep up the good work 🙂 .


I’m regularly assaulted by bowlers. I incline toward air troops for protection, cause now and then they split (hard to harm), and in some cases the ruler sets aside some opportunity to murder them. A few players even spend their stop attempting to stop my infant drags and flunkies.

A golem can keep bowlers occupied for quite a while, however the bowler will crush different structures (for the most part in the center) while killing the golem, since the stone skips 2 times.


On the off chance that there are any th10 players pushing through Titan to legend I might truly want to know whether anybody has any guarded wins. I have made it into Titan 2 group yet attempting to remain there and 1 protective win this season, my format was the hourglass plan and mythical beast and nut cases in CC killed his valks before ruler arrived and fizzled with 32%. In any case, have not seen whatever other and thinking about whether anybody has a hostile to valk and against bowler base plan that has gotten them even 2 or 3 guarded wins. In Titan 2 it’s just been mass bowlers or valks assaulting me. The battle is genuine individuals lol upbeat conflicting to all, and merry Christmas .


The TH9 DE ensuring base was 3 featured 5h after i duplicated it by a low level armed force while my past and old DE securing base was 70% max since the bomb tower fix …..

So it’s an absolutely must base …..


I’ve really begun lavaloon with ruler walk tidy up,,, as yet tinkering with it,,, just began doing walk on the grounds that my th8.5 gift account doesn’t have magma or high lvl nut cases yet. Be that as it may, I can give max healers. I’m having great outcomes for a 3 week old th10,,, 1 camp done 3 updating now so I’m down 15 troop spaces,,, magma scurry still just lvl 2 th9 lvls. Get the odd 3 star,, however generally high % 2 and 1 stars which I’m fine with,,, I get my favored plunder in addition to full class reward.

Right now 3 magma 20 nut case 2 healers 3 breakers 1 curve 3 seethe 4 scramble 1 harm,, in addition to 2 healers 3 flunkies 1 curve 1 harm in cc. Both ruler lvl 30.

Have utilized 4 magma 21 crackpot 3 seethe 4 scramble 1 harm, followers in cc from gifts account or fifth magma if colleagues on the web and toxin..

Both armed forces great achievement,,, ruler walk can spare the day and get 1 star if something turns out badly with air so I’m utilizing that all the more right at this point.

With respect to safeguard I’ve changed xbows to air,, in addition to my skeleton traps,, just have 1 inferno while other one is redesigning,, got that on multi,, not certain what I’ll do when both maxed. Wiz towers far from advertisement so not occupied by magma,, and looking for bombs by promotion,, air bombs by wiz or far from way to advertisement. Still I’m getting nailed by max th 11’s constantly. So very little I can do about it.




Raj Biswakarma

This games I very good. I design bases which will surely win trophy of any th except 11.


    check your email from [email protected]


      ,, hello hello give me your source account I giving your my Clash of Clan account give me


Awsm game i have played ever in my whole life…..this game is not such a game this is i cant explain so pls keep plyaing
Clash on.. .. … …


I have a base 4 u to add to your list hit me up I will send pic of it

Raj Singh

Any one give me your I’d I will max it send on my gmail I’d. You will see my village my player tag is 9uuoc8r9q name romanraj


How can I submit my base design?Its a th10 And has held up against everything thrown at it so far.


nice clan base

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