12+ Best Town Hall 7 Hybrid Bases 2020 (New!)

th7 hybrid base 2017

Hey clasher’s how is it going? hope you are doing well in clan wars in your respective clans.So, In this blog post, we have come up with the best th7 hybrid base 2019. so we kept in consideration are to be designed to withstand from opponents from looting in multiplayer battle and getting three/two stars in wars. The below layout are designed accordingly. So, without any delay lets have a look at layouts.

COC Best TH7 Hybrid Base Anti Everything

best th7 hybrid bases

Note: I have used only town hall 7 buildings for the construction of the layouts.

I must say I enjoy how a ring base theory is utilized within this layout design for town hall 7. There really are the entrance points at the corners which are using a single hand well protected by the surface funnel and one flip side directly tip in the Spring Traps.

coc level 7 hybrid layout

coc level 7 hybrid layout

Best Town Hall 7 Hybrid Base

town hall 7 hybrid layout

town hall 7 hybrid layout

Best TH7 Trophy Bases  

th7 hybrid base anti giant

th7 hybrid base anti giant

Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Hybrid Base Layout Designs

Town Hall 7 Hybrid Bases With 3 Air Defenses

th7 hybrid base anti dragon

th7 hybrid base anti dragon

Exceptional features about the layouts you have gone through are

These layouts can defend against giants, dragons, and various combination attacks. The clan castle is placed in the central core compartment.The defensive structure or buildings in the village are spread out evenly.

Barbarian king.

for more clash of clans farming, trophy and war designs keep on checking this website.

Hope you enjoyed the above designs if you have got any best town hall 7 designs you can reach us by commenting in the comment section provided below.

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irsyad - 3 years ago

jika anda pecinta game coc, saya akan memvagikan tips tips menarik seputar coc dan formasi base yang kuat untuk th 1-10 silahkan kunjungi blog saya di (tipsdanformasibasecoc.blogspot.com), semoga bermanfaat

    Fatin - 3 years ago

    Saya berminat..

Dragon - a couple of years ago

Hey, how can I strengthen my base ?


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