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anti everything th7 war base

These are some of the best th7 war base layouts which are Anti Giant and Dragons. We have come up with the best town hall 7 layouts of all time. Base design becomes very crucial from th7 because most of the bases are raided by dragons for clean three stars.  6 Base Designs.  check out new level 8 base designs here

Best TH7 War Base Anti Everything 2019

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best town hall 7 war base anti 3 stars

  1. Giants.
  2. Dragons.

Level 7 Layout Explanation:

The first base design in the list has good compartments. If we look at the positive side of this design, this layout has great placement of defensive structures in separate compartments. These design has very well arranged bombs, traps. Air Defense are trickily placed to defend against dragon. Even though it looks like an easy achievable feat with dragons, but once an attacker start attacking, Dragons wont follow the route they have expected, due to clever arrangement of defenses in this layout design.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 War Base

excellent level 7 anti hog base

Town Hall 7 Layout Can Withstand Attacks Against:

  • Dragons
  • Giants
  • Hog Riders

Now this is an interesting layout. There are many good things about this design. There are good placement of

  1. Tesla along with air sweeper in separate section.
  2. Very well placed traps (spring traps, bombs and giant bombs).
  3. Great use of storage’s at correct places to defeat opponent troops.

So, what makes this an anti dragon and anti hogs. As you can see the air defense are very well deep inside the base surrounded by storage’s. You can observe double giant placed side by side to take out the entire army of hogs.


Overall this make a top level 7 design that has very well arrangement of traps, defenses.

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Good Town Hall 7 War Base

coc th7 war layout 2019

coc th7 war layout 2019

This kind of looks similar to the above design. But there are minor defense regarding the placement of storage’s and also this is not an anti hog design.

level 7 make tough, and you have to get harder to triumph. The principal threats to your foundation are just a couple of, you rip them apart, or they’ll rip you off.

Air shields are everything you will need to look carefully at. Dragons and hogs can readily be removed in case your  foundation has excellent air defense. This level 7 design is an Anti three beginning foundation which may get one of the most strong layout.

This design is good for defending against.

  • Giants
  • Dragons


This is a great map for anti dragon and this design can also be used for protecting trophies in multi player battles.

COC TH7 War Base

epic th7 defending village anti all

These level 7 map can defend against :

  1. Anti Hogs
  2. Anti Dragons
  3. Anti Giants.

So how does this defend ?

Here we are with another layout. This design is tricky, which has air defense placed exactly where it is should be placed. Let assume the attackers attacks with dragons from the bottom side of the base.Now at this point of time dragons will be approaching the air defenses, air sweeper comes into actions which plays a good part in saving star.


Overall this makes an top th7 layout

 Anti 2 Stars Layout

epic level 7 anti giant layout

epic level 7 anti giant layout

This is a boxed design which has openings to other compartment with springs trap in between. This is also an excellent anti dragon layout. This map will be great at defending giant attacks because these map has many compartments.

Great Layout ever in the world

anti everything th7 war base

anti everything th7 war base

With tactical offensive approaches with dragons and hog riders attacking the foundation, you want you to have an Anti three star layout with to have a rock solid defense to carry out them. And also this is ideal for an Anti three or Anti two star. Combined with two air defense this foundation can quickly take out each of the dragons and hogs.

Defends against :

dragons, giants.

How does it defend ?

This is one more good layout design which has air defense supported by air sweeper deep inside the base which makes it harder to taken down by dragons.

best war base th7 with 3 air defense

best war base th7

To handle some of the very wild creatures and from this, I suggest Dragons from ridding your foundation you’ll require a bad ass air defense.

Dragons are prone to air defenses: Anti Dragon Strategy functions just like an effective weapon. This fantastic th7 foundation was proved quite effective against dragons that are the only one to concentrate on in level 7.

Town Hall 7 War Base Anti 3 Stars

best town hall 7 war base 2019

best town hall 7 war base 2019

Focusing on air strikes to shield against the dragons that are reckless and hog riders, this coc level 7  foundation is tough core against the dreaded creatures in coc. The approach used here isn’t a remarkably common one, that’s an edge as not a lot of your attackers are going to have the ability to break through the center. This Anti Dragon and Anti Hog plan will fetch you some fantastic wins!

town hall 7 war base anti dragon and hogs

town hall 7 war base anti dragon and hogs

For all of the attackers who plan their plans to target your foundation with Dragons and Hog riders using higher DPS, you have to prepare yours intends to rack them up. And that is the best base design for this.Anti Hog plan we are going to use to get an excellent TH7 foundation which includes utilizing air shields and other creatures.

best war base th7 anti dragon hogs

best war base th7 anti dragon hogs

The layouts that is being used by many players level 7 is that one right here! This COC battle design is excellent defense over a few of the very terrible and terrorizing dragons of Clash of all clans. Without a doubt, I am speaking about Dragons, Hog riders and Giants. Each of these with DPS can ruin your foundation before you are aware of it and to win you will need a foundation that could kick some real asses. Here within this foundation, we’ve proposed all of the base components to handle them. This  foundation contains air defenses that are excellent against hogs and dragons using a few floor plans for giants. Try this foundation and allow them to come!

The above-mentioned layouts are having clan castle in the middle of the core compartment, that makes hard to lure out clan castle troops. you can also see some of the layouts have a unique design and some of them have a compact design because some are designed to with stand dragon attacks and other bases are designed for other attacks.

Clash of all Clans is a technique and direction based game. It appears relatively straightforward and easy once you begin to play with it as you advance through it, things become somewhat complicated and require some careful preparation with creative strategies. Town hall 7 design to your village is among the most crucial items in the sport. It defines your plans and how well there. As you update to level 7 some fresh things are unlocked- new guards, walls and a whole lot more. Each theme should be set up in a strategically planned fashion.

These foundations may be employed to style you a village according to your priorities and also the techniques you’re using. Every one of the foundations for level 7 given below is carefully planned and analyzed by skilled coc players.


Shravan is clash of clans player who likes to design various town hall bases. He is an aspiring entrepreneur and music addict.