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Top 12+ Best TH9 Farming Base 2017 (NEW!) | Anti Everything

In this blog post, we are up with best town hall level 9 farming base anti everything 2017 2018 new update. These farming layouts are constructed to protect gold, elixir and dark elixir. We have also included some separate th9 dark elixir protecting bases, check them out here.

Best Th9 War Base Anti Everything

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Best TH9 farming Base Anti Everything New Update 2017-2018

coc town hall 9 farming base
coc town hall 9 farming base

The first level 9 farming base in the list has so many compartments which make’s it harder to take out the entire loot for ground troops. In case, If the attacker is using air troops like balloons or lava loons strategy, air defenses are placed very well rooted in the core of the village.The Air sweeper are nicely pointing on both the sides oppositely. But as you know air troops are overpowered at town hall 9 so, it is must that every time you fill up your clan castle with troops that can defend both air and ground troops when you are away from the village.

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really good against:

  1. Giants, barbarians
  2. Valkyries because it has lot of compartments( but make sure you upgrade your walls to maximum level or else valkyries will easily take out walls and sweeps the base).
  3. Air Troops (Lava Hounds, Balloons and Minions).


Overall this is an best th9 farming base that is great at protecting all loot(elixir, dark elixir, and gold) as wells it is good against both ground and air troops.

town hall 9 farming base anti everything
town hall 9 farming base anti everything

COC TH9 Farming Base

best th9 de farming base
best th9 de farming base

Here comes the first village design that is aimed at protecting dark elixir. So, if you are tight on dark elixir and looking to upgrade dark troops or heroes then definitely you can try this coc th9 farming base to protect both dark and normal loot. Or else you can check out our best th9 dark elixir farming bases article.

main things to look for in this design:

  • placement of traps (spring traps, air mines, giant bombs).
  • very well placed air defenses protecting the entire village.
  • x-bows in separate inner compartment and Tesla’s protecting dark elixir in the center.

This should be good for protecting against ground troops as wells as air troops. but most of the times you will be facing ground attacks in farming due to low cost of training them.

It makes an overall coc th9 farming base centered for dark elixir protection.

clash of clans town hall level 9 farming base
clash of clans town hall level 9 farming base

Town Hall 9 Farming Base Without X-bows

best th9 farming base that protects dark elixir
best th9 farming base that protects dark elixir

look explanation here:

The above design doesn’t have x-bows and makes it one of the excellent designs that are good for protecting all loot. This layout is especially for early town hall nine players. This is a two compartmentalized town hall 9 base having gold and elixir storages in opposite compartments. Best things to look at are the placement of spring traps that are right in between opening of walls, which will take out ground troops that cross them except heroes and golems.

th9 farming base anti giant with bomb tower

Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 9 Farming Base

epic level 9 farming design
epic level 9 farming design

Oh man, did I ever say this is an town hall 9 farming base ? of course it is. This is a unique  base which makes ground troops go round and round until they reach the core and the best part is Tesla’s, x bows and air sweepers along with town hall and clan castle is in the center of the village. So, it also makes a good clash of clans trophy base design to count for.

exceptional Bh7 bases source.


If you are looking for a solid base that you can use for protecting the trophies as well as loot at the same time. I would recommend you to try this one.

clash of clans town hall 9 farming base with bomb tower
clash of clans town hall 9 farming base with bomb tower

Top Farming Base for TH9

farming layout level 9
farming layout level 9

Have you ever tried this kind of design? I came across such designs while attacking and that made me go nuts. It looks like you can easily take out the loot out of this top level 9 farming base. But once you start attacking, the real game starts, you half troops will go right, and rest will go left making it a failed attack and ground troops keep rotating outside the compartment.

Defends Against :

  • Giants
  • Golems
  • Valkyries

Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Defense Base 2017 2018

town hall 9 best farming base
town hall 9 best farming base
good th9 farming base
good th9 farming base

Level 9 Town Hall, Builder’s Hut, Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, Dark Elixir Drill, Gold Storages, Elixir Storages, Dark Elixir Storage, Barracks, Dark Barrack, Laboratory, Army Camps,  Clan Castle, Spell Factory.

Defensive Structures

X-bows, Cannons, Archer Towers, Bombs, Mortars, Hidden Tesla’s, Air Defenses, Spring Traps, Giant Bombs, Air Bombs, Seeking Air Mine, Walls, Air Sweeper, Wizard Towers.

Hero barbarian king.

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