COC New Builder Hall 6 Update | Night Witch, Roaster

builder hall 6 new update
builder hall 6 new update

builder hall 6 new update

Builder Hall 6 Update is around the corner. so we thought of giving you a sneak peak on new buildings, troops and other upgrades about BH6 .

So if we look at the interesting things

  1. Night witch similar to that of witch at town hall having some unique capabilities.
  2. now you can gear up one archer tower in town hall if you have upgraded your archer tower in builder base to level 6 and having archer tower of level 10 in town hall .
  3. The Roaster

    This is great defense against night witch which can defend both the ground and air attacks .

    Roaster clash of clans new update

    Roaster clash of clans new update

  • Range : 7 tiles
  • Burst fire: 15 shots
  •  16 damage per shot at level 6 .
  • Hits ground and air units
  • Does Area Splash type damage

click here to know more about roaster 

Defensive buildings that are available at level 6 builder hall

  • Archer Tower – 1
  • Crusher – 1
  • Mine – 1
  • Mega mine – 1
  • Wall Sections – 4

Super cell has introduced one more crusher to defend mainly against giants and barbarians . Moreover you can upgrade all defenses, walls and traps to level 6 with builder hall level 6 except spring tap which can be upgraded to level 4 at max at BH6.

Offensive Structures at COC builder hall 6

Army Camp – 1, One can upgrade to level 11-12 with laboratory level 6, Levels 6 – 10 for the Battle Machine


  1. you can upgrade Resource collectors (gold and elixir), gold and elixir storage’s, Gem Mine, and Clock Tower with builder hall level 6 .