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Clash of Clans Apk is for those of you want to enjoy the game in personal computer/ Android mobile. As you guys already know this is the world best strategy out there. COC has become the top one grossing application for quite a time. Everyone loves playing their favorite game  in larger screens other than mobile.

This is a multiplayer combat mobile game that offers an excellent graphical feeling with lots of attacking and wars. This allows you to create villages and they have their own construction set called base designer where you can design your base according to your needs to defend the opponent troops. Other than that there are new things that has been added called builder hall with different defense buildings like double cannon, multi mortar, geared archer tower . In order to win the multiplayer battle you need to make sure you are good at attacking in multi player battles, versus battles and in wars.

Latest Version Download for Android.

clash of clans apk

clash of clans apk

If we look at Google Play Store, we will find many games over there. It is the best and popular strategy game loved by many players around the world. this game can be played on various devices like android, computer (pc,laptop) and IOS (Iphone and mac).

This is free to play. but you go up the higher levels in and the duration for each defense buildings goes upto 10 days which make your frustrated and irritated. so, it all depends upon the patience to build your village. or else you can purchase the gems and speed up your villages fast than your friends in your clan.

Well to do all this things ranging from developing villages to attacking in wars, you need computer or android or Ios mac.

What is Clash Of Clans Apk ?

In case if you are in search of best strategy app in app store or play store you will come across, as it is in the #1 position due to the popularity it has gained over the years. coc is a strategy thing where you create village and keep on developing by upping your town hall level with each upgrades of defense, troops and heroes.

In order to build the village you need to get gold and elixir for that you should attack in multi player battles or participate in wars. So, there comes a situation where you need to farm a hell lot to build the defenses where you get tired of attacking each and every time and also you wont get the expected loot every time. Basically there are three types of loot which are dark elixir which is mainly used to train dark troops like hog riders, golems, valkyrie’s. and also dark elixir is used to upgrade your hero’s and archer queen.

well this apk is for those who want play this multiplayer strategy in pc, laptop or mac. With the help of this coc you can build villages, farm in multi player battles and you can also chat with the clan members using clan chat. one more thing you can participate wars in big screen and watch along as your teammates attack in war.

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Now I can safely assume that you are well aware of this strategy app. now it the time to look at the best features it offers to its players. We have mentioned before, this is for players who want to develop and build villages. Apart from these, this is going to offers you a ton of benefits which we are going to discuss shortly.

download clash of clans for pc

download clash of clans for pc

Defense Buildings

With the help of this coc . you can build a ton a defense buildings. The defense buildings that are available are mortar, archer towers, cannon and wizard towers to name a few. and there are other types of defenses in builder village multi mortar, double cannon, mega Tesla and many more


Discovering Strategies

Using COC . You can discover different type of attack strategies by having different combination of troops and spells.


How to Download and Install Clash of Clan

Now that you guys are full aware what you can do with and the features. lets move on to the most important of downloading and installing coc.

  1. first and foremost step is to download the app and make sure you remember the path where you saved your file.
  2. Next things is if you want to install applications you need to ensure that you allow application from different sources for that you need little bit modification in settings. Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and then enable it.
  3. Incase if you have installed official coc official app, make sure you uninstall it before doing all these things.
  4. Go to the place where you have saved your file click and open it and tap install.
  5. Once you have completed the entire process, go to the coc icon and log into your supercell account and enjoy the gameplay.

if you face any issues let us know about them in the comment section below.

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Final Words

Without any doubt, this is the best strategy game out there to play. it is already available on Android Google Play Store. Playing it in mobiles makes you play it in larger screens.

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Shravan is clash of clans player who likes to design various town hall bases. He is an aspiring entrepreneur and music addict.

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