35+ Best TH7 Farming Base Links 2021 (New!) Anti Everything

clash of clans level 7 loot protection base link
TH13 TH12 TH11 TH10 TH9 TH8 TH7 TH6 TH5 TH4 TH3
All War Farm Hybrid Trophy
best th7 farming base 2019 anti everything

best th7 farming base 2021 anti everything

Town Hall 7 Farming Base Layout Links Anti 3 Stars

th7 farming base with 3 air defenses

th7 farming base with 3 air defenses

coc th7 farming base

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town hall 7 de farming protection base

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clash of clans th7 farming base

clash of clans th7 farming base

clash of clans th7 farming base

best town hall 7 farming base

best town hall 7 farming base 2020

best town hall 7 farming base 2021

clash of clans town hall 7 farming base

clash of clans town hall 7 farming base

clash of clans town hall 7 farming base

coc th7 farming base

coc th7 farming base

farming base town hall 7

farming base town hall 7

th7 farming base with 3 air defenses

th7 farming base with 3 air defenses

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Sid bansal

Plz add a strong and new th7 defecive base

Arihant Aswal

Trophy base as well as non looted base for th 7

Philip Clarke

Unfortunately the “th7 farming base with 3 air defenses” has an issue a spawnable spot underneath the giant bomb next to the archer tower bottom left side.

subhodeep saha

Plz design a base in which loot of elixr is very tough.


please add a new strong town hall 7 war bass


please get me a th7 resources protecting base

prince kushwha

wow what a th 7 bases are there i like it and more peopel can may like it. bye my th 7 is ready .

Suraj kumar

plz make a base in which loot of elixir and dark elixir is so difficult bcauz we can collect coins quickly and more but not elixir becauz we need elixir for training troops


Actually archers are not the best choice for all TH levels to farm as u stated,
Goblins actually are becuz their cheaper, faster, and when used with rage n heal your looting their dark storages and elix/gold storages fastest and Goblins actually work for all Th Levels unlike the archers as their slow, do little damage and their not able to push inward unless your facing only bases Th7 n below.

Long as u ignore trophies, goblins are proven to be the fastest for growth wise .
All u need are some giants to tank for them, a couple wiz behind them and wallbreakers n then all goblins and ur set

Also the 2nd troop someone should upgrade is not dragons, it should be giants to tank, concerning over War when someone’s base isn’t even rdy will set players back on growth
Sure u can have dragon lv2 but what good is it if your not able to keep up your loot for it every War?
That is why a player should always build up his base farming troops so that he can farm faster, better, easier and be able to withstand the expenses of the dragon cost.
and also u can still 3 star ppl using giants, wizards, wallbreakers, as long as you bring enough troops to kill Cc in war, and also receive max Hogs for your own Cc. I’ve 3 starred countless of ppl in War that’s Th7 while I was Th7 jus using those troops

So by upgrading giants, and wizards 2nd and 3rd your actually getting a 2 for 1, Farming use And war use.

10 archers hitting 1 collector can fail if archer towers n cannons are hittin them, but 10 goblins won’t fail hitting the same collector while being hit by the same defences.

As u upgrade n max ur goblins for ur Th Level, it only takes 4-5 goblins to destroy a collector, if ur bein hit by defences then it takes 5-7
The same cannot be said for archers as they take much longer to do damage

Let’s say a Base has no defences, if u sent 10 archers to attack the collectors,
10 goblins would 2x-3x faster then archers to destroy the collectors. Not to mention cheaper cost.
Barch Attacks stop working once your facing Th8s unless the enemies Base is terrible or weak leveled defences.

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