TH8 Gablin Attack Strategy for Farming Loot

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Note: This strategy does not guarantee you stars, but resources! This strategy will be real useful if the
opponent has the resources placed outside the outer walls!

Needed army:

  • Giant – 10 (level 5).
  • Goblin – 95 (level 5).
  • Archer – 55 (level 5).
  • Barbarian king.
  • Lightning spell – 2 (level 5).
  • Healing spell – 1 (level 5).
  • Earthquake spell – 1 (level 1+).


How to attack:

  1. Use both your lighting spell on the closest mortar. And use the earthquake spell on any of the
    defenses (using it on another mortar is recommended).
  2. Use your archer to destroy buildings, kept away from the sight of defenses.
clear outside buildings with archers

clear outside buildings with archers

3. Deploy 1-3 giants as a meat shield on various parts of the base with resources. Then, put the
Goblins behind these giants. And use the healing spell when needed.

goblins behind these giants

goblins behind these giants

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farming with goblins

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farming with goblins

4. Once the resources outside the outer wall are collected, you can aim for resources inside.
5. Deploy the remaining giants, archers and barbarian king to the closest storage or collector

6. Once the wall is broken, quickly deploy the goblins inside! And they will collect as much
resources they can!

quickly drop goblins

quickly drop goblins