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center clan castle th8 war base anti dragon

You are at right place. Here we Have Complied the list of best TH8 war Base Designs of 2018 That can Defend Dragons, Golem, and Hog Attacks. Are you sick and tired of getting your bases two and three starred every single time? Or are you just trying to rearrange your base ?

Either way, this article will help you! You feel like banging your head against a wall when you lose every single defense!  So without any further ado, we are jumping right into the middle of an ocean of guides! Let’s get started shall we? coc apk download


Best TH8 War Base Anti Everything 2018

center clan castle th8 war base anti dragon

center clan castle th8 war base anti dragon

best town hall 8 war base anti dragon

best town hall 8 war base anti dragon

Best Town Hall 8 Base 2018

clash of clans town hall 8 war base anti govalk and dragons

clash of clans town hall 8 war base anti govalk and dragons

This Town Hall 8 War Base Defends against:

  1. Dragon attack,
  2. Gowipe attack,
  3. Govalk attack,
  4. Healer-wizard attack,
  5. Giant-archer-wizard attacks,
  6. Valkyrie attacks and other minor attacking strategies.

Explanation Here:

This weirdly built base is not at all bad in defending. When it comes to defending its master’s base, it’s nothing as it looks like! Just like the base design mentioned above, this one is also capable of defending almost any kind of strategies! The advantage of this base is that it can confuse the troops, just like we get confused on the first look at it. It performs well against dragon attacks, gowipe attack and other similar strategies. But please note that this layout won’t help you when a gang of hog rider comes in!

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COC TH8 War Base Anti Dragons 2018



th8 war base anti everything 2018

With the air-defenses being placed at the middle of the village, it is guaranteed that the dragons may struggle to fire the whole place up! This base design is best for dragon attacks, as the dragons will surely struggle to go through all those buildings, to reach the air-defenses. And by the time they are close to it, the whole troops will be blown up by those rockets! Well, we are not just talking about the dragons are we? This base can also withstand hog attacks, valkyrie attacks, etc. In short, this is the perfect base that can be built to defend against almost every attacking strategies! Well, if you scrolled down this much looking for a base that can withstand any attacking strategies, then you are in luck; as you just found the right one!

Defends against: Dragon attack, hog attack, gowipe, valkyrie attack, healer-wizard attack, giant-archer-wizard attacks, govalk and other other farming/minor attacking strategies.

clash of clans th8 war base anti 1 star

level 8 town hall layout anti everything

level 8 town hall layout anti everything

Defends against:

  • Gowipe,
  • Govalk,
  • Minor dragon attack,
  • Minor hogs attack,
  • Healer-wizard attack,
  • Giant-archer-wizard attacks.

Here we are, with another Great War base design. Frankly, this base design is being used by many town hall 8s now. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it, but it means that it is a promising base design that keeps the opponents at least a star away! The base is built with lots of wall intersections, and that is a huge advantage! But please be noted that some hog attacks, with users that is a pro in that strategy, may get a three star on this base.

Level 8 Layout Design Can defend Against:

  • Gowipe,
  • Govaho,
  • Valkyrie attack.
  • sometimes dragon attacks, giant-healer-wizard attack, giant-archer-wizard attacks, govalk, etc

Level 8 war base anti hog riders

coc town hall 8 war base anti gowipe with bomb tower

coc town hall 8 war base anti gowipe with bomb tower

Here we are! With the base being built with less wall intersections and many open spaces; this is the perfect layout for opposing the group of hogs! Well, if the opponent is attacking you with a different troop combo then it might be a bad day for you. Not only the hogs, this layout is also the perfect choice for dragon attacks!  To be precise, this base design is best against the hog attacks, dragon attacks and other minor attacking strategies only.

These Best TH8 layout can defends against:

  1. Dragon attack
  2. Hogs attack
  3. Other farming/minor attacking strategies.

Town Hall 8 War Base Anti 3 Stars

anti 3 star layout level 8

anti 3 star layout level 8

If you are looking for the best war base design, then sadly, this isn’t that one! However, as I have mentioned in the introduction, every base design has its own advantages. And this design can help you withstand against a Gowipe attack, hog attacks, and other minor attacking strategies. As the base has its Town hall placed outside the walls, the attackers tend to target it. And as the troops move towards it, from either of the openings, the archer tower and cannons placed at front will protect the village as much as possible. Anyhow, 30% of the troops would be killed while they move from one opening to the other. And it’s actually a little hard for the rest of the troops to destroy the whole village on time! When it comes to a hog attack, the two giant bombs placed as a couple inside will surely blow the brains out of the hogs! Thus, the base assures only 1-2 stars for the attack strategies mentioned.

Town Hall 8 Anti 3 stars Base Defends against:

  1. Gowipe,
  2. hog attacks,
  3. giant-healer-wizard attack,
  4. dragon attack and the giant-archer-wizard combo attacks.

Level 8 TH Layout Anti Gowipe

clash of clans th8 war base anti dragons

clash of clans th8 war base anti dragons

This base is built with lots of wall intersections. The attacking process gets hard as the wall intersections increases. As we all know, Supercell just created these wall-things just to “slow the enemy down”! This amazing base design can withstand almost every attack, such as Gowipe, Govaho, valkyrie attack, dragon attack- if you are in luck, and other attacking strategies; except for the Hog attack. Because, hog attacks are best for bases with lots of wall intersections; and with the building being placed on each empty spaces formed by the sides of the walls. So I’d recommend you to land on another base design, if you are looking for a layout for the hog attacks. for awesome farming and hybrid base designs click here.

Have a look at the 5 best town hall 8 war attack strategies for getting three stars in clan wars.the first one is 1.  surgical hogs attacks strategy 2. GOHO 3. HOGOWIPE  4.  GOVAHO 5. DRAGONS.


Shravan baskarla is clash of clans player who likes to design various town hall bases. He is an aspiring entreprenuer and music addict. you can find out more about him on facebook.

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